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Comprehensive Financial Planning

For University Professionals

Our proactive approach to financial planning services focuses on the individual goals and unique lifestyle you have as a university professor or physician.

Investment Management

Filbrandt & Company’s unique approach involves managing your retirement accounts and after-tax accounts as a single unit. We organize and simplify clients’ financial lives by providing a digital consolidated statement: One Unified Portfolio©.

Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t just about having enough money – it’s about making the right decisions to prepare for the financial independence, freedom and flexibility you want when you retire.

Estate Planning

You probably have specific wishes for the distribution of your assets to loved ones, charities and institutions at the time of your death. However, simply having a will in place does not ensure that those wishes will be carried out.

Filbrandt Private Trust

Filbrandt Private Trust provides trust solutions for clients who want the peace of mind that their estate will be distributed according to their wishes.

"It’s not how much money you make. It’s how much you keep."

- Michael J. Filbrandt, Chairman of the Board

At Filbrandt & Company, we serve university professors and physicians nationwide—which means we understand your unique financial needs and your goals. If you’re like most university professionals, you have uncertainty about the future ahead but little time to learn how to manage your assets. A successful financial plan requires more than a portfolio management strategy. We call our approach comprehensive financial planning, and it may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Meet the team behind it.

Filbrandt Team

Educate Yourself

You know the value of ongoing education. Improve your financial and estate planning knowledge with our ever-growing financial and estate planning resource library.

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Our on-demand web class series is a convenient way to stay informed on critical financial planning topics. Our 3- to 5-minute web class videos analyze current financial issues and events affecting university professionals, and provide impactful strategies professors can implement.

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