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University Benefits eBook Available to Download Now

Open Enrollment is here and that means it's time to look at your benefits options. Professors often waste hard-earned money by simply checking the default benefits boxes instead of...

Posted: Sep 17, 2021

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Market Update Vlog: What is Your Retirement Benchmark?

Steve Hoffman, CFA® discusses the value of investment benchmarks when measuring the success of your university retirement portfolio. Watch the video below or read the full report (here). -TRANSCRIPT- Hello, I’m...

Posted: Apr 01, 2021


Getting Close To Retirement? Opportunity is Knocking...Open the Door!

A Message From the Chairman Many years ago, twelve to be exact, I was meeting with a sixty five year old University professor in her office and she was telling...

Posted: Nov 06, 2019

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Paying Off Debt Not Always the Best Strategy

Paying off debt is a goal of many people as they approach retirement. Most of our clients and people we meet with want to have their home paid off...

Posted: May 17, 2018 By Michael Filbrandt

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‘Full Retirement Age’ Shifting Closer to 67

If you were born in 1955 or later, be aware that your 66th birthday is not the day you should file for Social Security -- if you want your...

Posted: Feb 15, 2018

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Don't Lose Your Life Insurance at Retirement

Replacing university-provided benefits and income becomes a primary objective for many professors when they reach retirement. Most professors have three major assets: Their retirement account, which could be $...

Posted: Jan 26, 2018

Long Term Care Insurance

Should You Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?

The two primary questions professors ask about long-term medical care, also known as extended care, are, “Do I need it?” and “How do I pay for it?” According to...

Posted: Mar 06, 2017

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Universities Sued Over Retirement Plans' Oversight

Why You Should Care Several prominent universities are facing allegations that they failed to meet their fiduciary duties in the management of their staff and faculty's retirement plans.  Lawsuits filed...

Posted: Aug 29, 2016

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Northwestern University Retirement Plan Changes

Investment options in the Northwestern University staff and faculty retirement plans changed in July 2016. It’s critical for employees to be aware of some of the important aspects of these...

Posted: Jul 20, 2016