Filbrandt & Company Announces the Creation of Filbrandt Private Trust

Filbrandt & Company
May 30, 2017

Filbrandt & Company, the Trusted Financial Resource for University Professionals, announces the creation of Filbrandt Private Trust. The new business entity provides trust solutions for professors who require the services of a professional fiduciary.

Individuals sometimes appoint themselves, a family member, attorney or family friend as trustee for their trusts. In many cases, these appointees are not prepared for the time investment required for the administrative duties of a trustee. There can also be challenges to stay in compliance with the trust document. Many times these individuals must hire outside professionals to help assist them in carrying out the trust’s terms.

University professionals can now turn to a trusted name for these corporate trustee services, along with a full suite of other professional trust services. Professors utilizing Filbrandt Private Trust as a corporate trustee relieve their friends and family from trustee obligations which they may not be prepared to handle. It can be particularly problematic when one sibling is appointed as a trustee, and is forced to make estate decisions which might make another sibling unhappy or upset.

Filbrandt Private Trust allows clients to continue the professional guidance and confidentiality they have come to trust from Filbrandt & Company, combined with the resources of one of the largest independent adviser-owned trust companies in the United States. 

Filbrandt Private Trust is a Trust Representative Office (TRO) of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB (NATC), and Filbrandt & Company is also a shareholder in the parent company.

With National Advisors Trust, clients maintain the relationship they have with their financial advisor, while benefiting from the service of a Federally-Chartered trust company. There is no need to change investment philosophy, asset management style or portfolio holdings. Clients will also keep their attorney, accountant or other professional relationships intact. 

“This new business entity allows us to offer another tier of estate planning services to our valued clients,” said Michael J. Filbrandt, Chairman of the Board of Filbrandt & Company. “It represents another way we provide our clients with The Filbrandt Total Solution to their financial planning and portfolio management needs.”

National Advisors Trust is a nationally chartered federal savings bank authorized to do business in all 50 states. As an independent trust company, the Trust Company’s primary responsibility is to ensure the safekeeping of investment assets.

Learn more about the Filbrandt Private Trust (here).


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