Helping University Professionals Retire Well in 2022 and Beyond

Patricia Filbrandt, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®
Jan 19, 2022

– Filbrandt’s University Retirement Summit Offers Insight on Demand –

At Filbrandt, we’ve spent many years advising university professionals on how to maximize their benefits to achieve their financial and life goals. If your goals include retiring in the near future, our University Retirement Summit delivers most of what you need to know to start your next chapter. The Summit – a series of bite-sized, on-demand videos – will explore:

  • The four employee benefits you’ll need to replace in retirement;
  • How to plan your retirement income;
  • Risk-reduction strategies for your portfolio;
  • Common estate planning mistakes by academics;
  • Strategies to reduce taxes now and in retirement;
  • And more!

Beginning in February and continuing through April, Filbrandt’s knowledgeable team of advisors will introduce a new video topic on demand every two weeks. If you’re an email subscriber, links to each webcast will appear in your inbox. All you’ll need to do is click the link to watch. 

This spring, get schooled on some of the most important milestones you’ll face in your lifetime. Then, contact Filbrandt at 844-948-0894 to work with a financial advisor who can help you design a comfortable and secure retirement.  


Patricia Filbrandt, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Patricia Filbrandt is responsible for the daily leadership and direction that allows Filbrandt to grow, prosper and provide the absolute best overall client experience. She believes that providing a truly exceptional client experience starts with a team...

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