Market Update Vlog: What is Your Retirement Benchmark?


Apr 01, 2021

Steve Hoffman, CFA® discusses the value of investment benchmarks when measuring the success of your university retirement portfolio. Watch the video below or read the full report (here).


Hello, I’m Steve Hoffman, Portfolio Manager with Filbrandt and Company.

Occasionally I will encounter a client who is determined to compare their portfolio performance to some given industry benchmark. Truthfully? I don’t pay much attention to benchmarks. When navigating the unique features of university retirement plans, there's a lot to consider when trying to measure the success of your portfolio. While a benchmark might not be the key, the added value of an adviser makes a monumental difference to your retirement.

In our latest Market Update, we discuss how to use portfolio benchmarks, proper guides to assess adviser value, and measures to take for portfolio longevity.

You See, the value provided by your financial adviser is not a basic number comparison. Instead, it’s knowing how your portfolio is structured to navigate the various market environments, understanding how much risk you’re taking, and having a long-term planning process that adapts to changing situations.

Read the full market update by clicking the link in this post or you can find it at Leave a comment with your thoughts and feedback; we always love hearing from you. 



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