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Michael Filbrandt, CLU®, ChFC®
Oct 08, 2020


Twenty-five years ago, a University of Wisconsin professor and client asked me if we would manage his sizable Johns Hopkins retirement account. He had taken a new position at the  University of Wisconsin and had previously worked at Johns Hopkins for more than twenty years. When I told him that we did not manage money, but that I could recommend some mutual funds he could roll his retirement account assets into he said, “Absolutely not! I want to leave my money in my Johns Hopkins retirement plan, and I want you to manage the TIAA-CREF investments that are provided in the plan.” 

That client conversation sparked the very beginning of our firm’s start and evolution into investment management. I am pleased to report this month, discretionary assets under the management of Filbrandt Wealth Management crossed the ONE BILLION DOLLAR threshold.  This very significant accomplishment was achieved through the hard work of many dedicated people over an extended period of time. 

Principals of Filbrandt Wealth Management

I want to thank all of our associates whose combined efforts and teamwork are responsible for this really amazing accomplishment.  They have worked hard and continue to toil tirelessly 24/7 to oversee, protect, preserve, and grow the investment portfolios of our clients.  The impact of their high level of client care is reflected in the smiles of our loyal clients. In these uncertain times, they have brought an element of stability to client’s lives. 

A guiding principle that runs throughout all our advisory work is that of being client-centric.  This means putting the clients’ interests above all others, including those of the advisor. This can be almost impossible to do if the advisor has a product to sell and an employer other than the client to satisfy.  

comprehensive planning as puzzle pieces

We are extremely happy to achieve the billion dollar benchmark, but being the biggest advisory firm is not our goal. Being the best is. A way that we measure quality is by client retention.  I am pleased to report that more than 95% of clients who retain us for ongoing service, continue with that service beyond the first year. That includes the very first client who to this day is with our firm. Professional, accurate, timely, impactful service that provides our clients piece of mind; that is our goal. That is what we strive for. 


Michael Filbrandt, CLU®, ChFC®

Co-founder and Chairman of the Board Michael Filbrandt is the firm’s visionary leader. His life’s mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve financial independence for themselves and their families. His passion is to build Filbrandt &...

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