Meeting Community Needs: Filbrandt & Company “Moves for A Good Cause”

Robert Klitzke
Dec 18, 2020

Supporting the community and employee health and wellness are both primary focuses for Filbrandt & Company.  We are doing our part to promote mental and physical well-being, as well as, giving back to the broader community over the winter months with a fundraising effort for The Salvation Army.  “Moving For A Good Cause,” is taking place during December, January, and February. 

The need for donations in our local communities is greater than ever this year.  Due to COVID the Salvation Army has not been able to do their traditional kettle campaign.  As a firm, we are moving towards our fundraising goal and getting our bodies moving at the same time.  Filbrandt & Company employees are getting an early start on their New Year’s resolutions by logging daily minutes of exercise and recognizing employee achievements for being the most active.  Filbrandt & Company will be raising money thru internal efforts and reaching out to the custodians and community business partners we work with regularly.   More to come on this exciting winter initiative.


Robert Klitzke

Director of Financial Literacy Robert Klitzke enjoys sharing financial planning strategies with university professionals around the country every day. “It’s very rewarding to hear about their personal situations and experiences, and to have the...

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