Our Clients Make a Difference with Charitable Giving


May 05, 2021

Charitable giving is a valued part of nearly every one of our clients’ comprehensive financial plans. According to Charity Navigator1, charitable giving has reached record levels. Though the pandemic may have sparked a marked interest in philanthropy, this trend began earlier with Americans giving nearly $450 billion in 2019, an increase from 2018 levels, according to National Philanthropic Trust2Schwab Charitable3 reports the top charities donors supported in 2020 work in the realms of food scarcity, healthcare, and homelessness.

For more information on making this a greater part of your financial plan, this report on Strategies to Make the Most of Charitable Giving may help.

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3Schwab Charitable. (2021, January 26). Schwab charitable donors create record impact with 35% increase in grants to charities in 2020 [Press release].



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