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Scott Kornstedt Gives Back to Specialty Health Care Center

Two days after their daughter was born in March 2013, Scott and Carrie Kornstedt received some unnerving news. A routine blood test revealed Raegan has a condition known as...

Posted: Oct 19, 2016

Portfolio Review

How Much Inheritance Will University Professors' Heirs Lose to Taxes?

Hillary Clinton wants to increase it. Donald Trump wants to abolish it. Based on the dialogue from the second Presidential debate, that’s what we know about the presidential candidates’...

Posted: Oct 17, 2016

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Why Your Part B Medicare Premiums Are Likely to Increase

Premiums for Part B Medicare coverage are likely to increase significantly in 2017, and wealthier Americans will see a substantially greater increase than the majority of beneficiaries. Individuals earning...

Posted: Oct 03, 2016

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Universities Sued Over Retirement Plans' Oversight

Why You Should Care Several prominent universities are facing allegations that they failed to meet their fiduciary duties in the management of their staff and faculty's retirement plans.  Lawsuits filed...

Posted: Aug 29, 2016

University Library

Northwestern University Retirement Plan Changes

Investment options in the Northwestern University staff and faculty retirement plans changed in July 2016. It’s critical for employees to be aware of some of the important aspects of these...

Posted: Jul 20, 2016

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Emory Employees Now Have Paid Parental Leave

Emory University staff members have a new employee benefit, effective June 1, 2016. The new parental leave policy offers three weeks of paid leave to new parents who experience...

Posted: Jul 05, 2016

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EU Referendum Result: The Impact on You

The Brexit vote to leave the European Union has important implications for Filbrandt & Company’s investment positions in foreign mutual funds.  First, we think the long-term impact will only...

Posted: Jun 23, 2016

Comedian Takes On Retirement Planning Industry

Comedian Takes On Retirement Planning Industry

Comedian John Oliver, who has become known for current events rants on his HBO program, “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” recently had the retirement planning industry in his crosshairs...

Posted: Jun 16, 2016

Social Security Cards

Where Can a Retiree Turn for Help With These New Social Security Claiming Strategies?

“The times they are a changin…”  It is unlikely that Bob Dylan had the United States Social Security Administration in mind when he penned this timeless classic in 1964. ...

Posted: Jan 24, 2016