Filbrandt Vlog: Biden's Tax Plan, Part I


Mar 04, 2021

James Haygood, Principal and Client Development Executive, offers insight into the new administration's proposed tax plans, including changes to the federal income tax and estate tax. Watch the video below or read the full report (here).


Hi, I'm James Haygood. I'm one of the Principals here at Filbrandt & Company.

It's no secret we're expecting income tax rates to start to go up in the future and the Biden Administration has already started to put some of the specifics of the proposed changes that they would like to see on the table, including taxing higher-income earners (those making above $400,000 per year). 

If you're like most university professionals, you might be thinking to yourself, "I'm probably not going to be in that circumstance so why do I need to be concerned about these changes?" Well there are, in fact, a couple of very common situations where we see professors get up into these higher income tax brackets.

If you'd like to read about this and learn about ways to avoid income tax traps in the future, please download a copy of this full report by clicking the link in this post and stay tuned for Part Two that's coming soon.



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