Filbrandt Financial Planning Campus Seminars

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Each year on university campuses nationwide, Filbrandt presents educational seminars on financial planning topics relevant to those working in academia. Two of our most popular seminars are "6 Common University Retirement Traps" and "Estate Planning for the University Professionals." These seminars are available to be presented at your campus at a convenient date and time.

Use the forms below to let us know of your interest. We'll respond to discuss possible dates, times, locations and the size of your group. (This is ideal for a group of between 10 and 20 people.)

The seminars consist of 30- to 45-minute live presentations, followed by interactive Q&A sessions to learn about important financial planning subjects that have a direct impact on your financial future. The seminars last about an hour, including the Q&A.

Seminars are presented by our experienced and licensed professionals, and we provide complimentary refreshments. Choose from these topics:

6 Common University Retirement Traps

Through our many years of providing comprehensive financial planning services to university professionals, we’ve identified six major retirement traps that professors frequently fall into. This seminar reveals these big mistakes—and helps you avoid them.

Estate Planning for the University Professional

This seminar will help you gain more control of your estate plan and achieve the financial goals of that plan. We'll cover why you need an estate plan, some of the myths of estate planning that you may have heard, and a unique approach to estate planning: what we call "bottom-up" estate planning.

Let us know of your interest via the links below, or call us at 800-431-9740 and ask for Director of Financial Literacy Robert Klitzke.

About Our "6 Common University
Retirement Traps" Seminar

About Our "Estate Planning for the
University Professional" Seminar