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Filbrandt Private Trust: What it Means to You

Volume 17, Issue 9

Executive Summary:

This report summarizes the expanded comprehensive trust service we now offer:

  • Seamless integration with comprehensive planning provided by Filbrandt & Company
  • A more personalized service than from a more institutional provider like a bank
  • Trusts are able to hold “alternative” investments
  • Chartered in all 50 states, so there is nothing to worry about if you move
  • We offer corporate  trustee as well as custodial services
  • Experienced and unbiased trust administration
  • We have partnered with the nation’s largest federally chartered trust company created by registered investment advisors
  • A client doesn’t need to change investment philosophy, asset management style, or portfolio holdings. Clients are able to maintain current professional relationships with attorneys and accountants.

Trust Services for Clients Who Require a Professional Fiduciary

Filbrandt & Company, the Trusted Financial Resource for University Professionals, announces the creation of Filbrandt Private Trust.

Filbrandt Private Trust provides trust solutions for clients whose financial, family or business needs require the services of a professional fiduciary. As you know, a fiduciary is ethically bound to always act in the client’s best interests.

Filbrandt Private Trust is a trust representative office of National Advisors Trust Company, FSB (NATC), which is the nation’s largest federally chartered trust company created by registered investment advisors for the benefit of their clients.

Filbrandt Private Trust: What it Means to You

How do Filbrandt & Company and NATC Work Together?

As a result of our partnership with NATC, we now offer corporate trustee administrative services. 

Filbrandt Private Trust can serve as corporate trustee for virtually any type of trust, including asset protection, charitable giving and wealth replacement trusts.

By working with NATC, Filbrandt Private Trust delivers a comprehensive, locally managed trust services solution that provides these advantages:

  • Expertise: Clients retain Filbrandt & Company as their investment advisor while gaining access to the talented, experienced trust professionals from National Advisors Trust.
  • Cost-effective: Benefit from trust services provided in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Flexibility: Opt to work with corporate trustees by sharing administrative responsibilities to achieve the objectives of the trust and meet the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Local support, national coverage: Combining face-to-face meetings with Filbrandt Private Trust representatives and the scope of a federally chartered trust company provides peace of mind to clients. Clients are able to relocate to another state with no concerns about a move affecting their trust administration due to our national coverage.
  • Nationwide: NATC has a national charter, meaning it can provide trust administration services in all 50 states.
  • Experience: NATC was built by advisors for advisors. They understand trusts and have extensive trust experience.
  • Security: NATC gives you the confidence of knowing your assets are protected by a federally chartered trust company. It is regulated by the OCC, a bureau of the U.S. Treasury Department, and is a member of the FDIC.
  • Corporate directed trustee model: NATC delivers an unbundled trust model preferred because of its flexibility, control, specialization and choice.
  • Excellence: NATC sets the standard in trust services quality, expertise and excellence.
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Why Did We Select NATC?

NATC sets the standard for excellence in trust administration with its world-class services provided by experienced trust   professionals. As an independent trust company, NATC is not owned or influenced by another entity. The company is committed to enriching lifelong relationships and ensuring that the relationship you have with your advisor is sustained over generations.

Filbrandt & Company has purchased an ownership position in NATC. It’s an investment in present and future service for our clients, and demonstrates our commitment to provide the best possible solution for our clients.

Filbrandt Private Trust: What it Means to You

​ How Does This Help Clients?

We have worked with many of our clients for the majority of their careers. We know them, we know their families, and we know their circumstances. Filbrandt Private Trust allows the relationship to continue, making things much easier for the family and for the beneficiaries who are involved. Family members won’t need to worry about administering a trust or searching for a new financial planning firm.

The most important benefit of Filbrandt Private Trust is the ability to offer continuity to our clients’ financial plans. The new trust entity allows us to continue these services through the end of a client’s life to benefit his or her family members. We now have the ability to ensure our clients’ wishes are carried out in the way they wanted.

Filbrandt Private Trust will be able to settle estates for clients. We can act as a corporate trustee in a client estate plan and many other services additional to what we previously were able to provide. Normally these additional services would need to be offered by a separate trust company or bank.

Filbrandt Private Trust will allow us to continue our relationship as our clients’ investment advisor and financial planner, while at the same time providing additional estate planning services through the trust entity.

Logistical issues can make following through with the wishes of your estate difficult. Friends or family members appointed to a financial administrative role (trustee) often find themselves in a position for which they have no expertise or training. It’s very challenging at a time of great stress, when a family member dies. Having a trusted and familiar resource can alleviate the awkward and even cold feeling your family could experience with a bank or other trust institution with which they have a limited relationship.

There are many complexities and duties associated with being a trustee. Having a firm you trust handle them can relieve your family members of that burden. If you don’t have family members who can serve in an administrative capacity, Filbrandt Private Trust can help ensure your goals will be met.   

The creation of Filbrandt Private Trust provides an opportunity to continue providing the comprehensive financial planning we have been providing for years to the next generation. Our goal is to maintain long-term family relationships, and our clients will now have greater peace of mind that will happen.

Volume 17, Issue 9

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