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Howard Deslington

comprehensive financial planning service

Howard Deslington is an emeritus at a prestigious Midwestern university. He is 83 years old and single. When we met Howard years ago, he was serving as the chair of his department. In that introductory conversation during a meeting in his office, we asked him to tell us a little bit about his finances. 

“All of my financial stuff is in the bottom drawer of that cabinet over there,” he said as he pointed across the room. “It scares the heck out of me. I never look at it. I put stuff in there, but I never look at it.” 

That day, Howard hired us to manage what was in the dreaded drawer, along with his other comprehensive financial planning needs. He was a saver. He had accumulated a lot of money. He lived frugally. Howard not only didn’t look at his “financial stuff,” but he also didn't even like to talk about it. 

When his retirement loomed a few years later, Howard wasn’t sure what he needed to do. We told him to visit the university retirement office, and gave him a list of questions he needed to ask them, since his retirement was looming. He reminded us that he didn’t like handling matters having to do with finance.

We offered to have a staff member pick Howard up and take him to the meetings he needed to attend, and he jumped at the idea. Our staffer knew the process, took him to all of the necessary meetings, helped him with the paperwork, and spent from dawn until dusk with Howard. 

A year or so later, Howard told us he wanted to endow a chair at his university in the name of his parents, who had not even gone to the university. In less than two years, his goal was realized. He was amazed we could help him get that done.

Howard appreciates our comprehensive financial planning service, which entails more than just managing investments. We help our clients through major life transitions, and in Howard’s case, he needed someone to guide him down the road to retirement, to handle the dreaded drawer, and to create an endowed chair in his parents’ name -- with his best interests in mind at all times.

This material is hypothetical in nature and not intended for use as investment advice. It does not guarantee the attainment of your retirement goals. Individual results may vary. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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